Email Marketing

We use Email marketing strategy to send commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. Email marketing usually involves using email to send advertisements, solicit sales or donations, request business and it is done to build trust, loyalty or brand awareness. Marketing emails can be sent to a purchased lead list or a current customer database.


Email marketing is by far the oldest medium of online marketing. However, it still continues to be the most powerful medium for generating leads and ensuring conversions. Email marketing in Chennai has also evolved with the technological advancements in the digital world in the recent times and, therefore, it is more important than ever for businesses to make use of this medium in lead generation.


Features of Email Marketing Service

Drag and drop email builder feature allows you to quickly create emails using the in-built builder.
Autoresponders and drips can be made use of to automatically deliver emails according to a pre-set schedule so that your subscribers remain engaged.
List management feature enables you easily manage the lists of subscribers at one place.
Import emails feature allows importing of emails to your list.
Email list cleaning helps you to remove bad emails prior to sending bulk emails.
2X open rate doubles the open rate of your emails with the help of an auto follow up tool.
4X lead capture helps you to capture more email leads using an inbuilt tool.
Email tracking allows you to track clicks and opens for all campaigns.
Subscription forms enable you to easily add a subscription form to your website to capture leads.

what we do

Meet Requirement

Marketing can be done based on requirement, as there are likely to be peaks and troughs for running campaigns.

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Reach Right Audience

A specialised agency can help reach the right audience through the right media.

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Skilled Professionals

Skills and experience that Digital marketing agencies can provide may not be available elsewhere.

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Constant Monitoring

Digital marketing require constant monitoring which individual business may not be able to do due to the specialised and changing nature of Digital marketing.

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IT Services

We review your requirements closely and come up with a range of services from IT helpdesk support to fully managed and tailor made services to be able to fulfil all your business needs.

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24/7 supports

We offer marketing our customer’s products/services through the digital media using powerful techniques that are tailor-made for each individual business.

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